The Friends of St Mary the Virgin Church Maulden

Registered Charity No 296924


The Trustees raise funds through donations, special events and a Share Club, to support the Parochial Church Council ('PCC') .


Over the past four years the Friends of St Mary's Church have awarded grants to the PCC of more than £23,000 bringing the total grants made to over £83,000. The recent grants have covered floor, roof, and guttering repairs and preventative maintenance.  Like all charities, we have not been able to hold any functions in the Village through the Covid period to raise funds to replace this expenditure.


Our work continues to be vital to the preservation of the Church building.   Our ongoing collection aims to raise money for the repair of the façade of the Church Tower.  This has been damaged by both mortar bees and its exposure to the weather.  We want to support the PCC to put the Tower into excellent condition by replacing and repairing the damaged stonework facade for many more decades.


If you are able to help us  then please look at the "Supporting Us" page

Floor Repairs


In early 2020 we made a grant to the PCC for the full cost of the repairs to the floor which involved the replacement of some joists and flooring and the treatment of all of the floor.



Facade Repairs


In early 2022 we made a grant to the PCC for the full cost of repairs to the West facade which has been damaged by erosion of the stone and mortar and the attentions of masonry bees.  WE also granted the funds for work to the facade in 2018.

 Church Wall


  In 2018 we made a grant to the PCC towards the cost of rebuilding the 'Greensand' churchyard wall which had collapsed.

Internal Scrafitto Works


In 1985 The Friends contributed to the cost of the restored Scrafitto works within the Church